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EvoHull: Evolutionary and Environmental Genomics is a major research group within the University of Hull, UK. We research on a a wide range of topics in modern evolutionary biology using genetic and genomic approaches.

EvoHull Academic staff

EvoHull Metabarcoding and Reproducible Bioinformatics course

Our second EMRBC will run from September 12th-14th. If you are interested in attending please see the course page and email Dave Lunt

Job Opportunities

(NOW FILLED) We have three 6-month postdoc positions to fill ASAP. These are exciting developments of our evolutionary and environmental genomics work and include gut content and eDNA analysis using next-gen sequencing. Also we have an Experimental Officer position, who will have more freedom to develop projects and will have a role in guiding the optimal use of the EvoHull Genomics Lab. Although currently has 6 month funding, we hope that this EO position will become a continuing contract and the person a central member of the EvoHull group. We regularly have new positions advertised and also have a range of opportunities and projects for prospective research students, independent research fellows, and visiting scientists. Please see the Jobs page, or get in touch with a member of staff to find out more.